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11-13 MAY 2017

Kayseri, TURKEY

Oral Presentation Rules

  • Presentations will be presented by corresponding author in English or Turkish. In case of Turkish presentation, one slide will be divided to 2 parts. Slides will be prepared as first part in Turkish and second one in English. For example;
  • sample
  • The total time for the oral presentation is set to 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion). In terms of synchronization of symposium it is expected to respect given time. 
  • All presentations will be presented according to order which is given symposium programme. Papers not presented at the meeting will not be published at proceedings or abstract book.
  • Presentation should be prepared in .ppt or .pptx file formats. Before starting the session, presentations should be checked by staff ensured to saved to computer.